About Me

Hello! I’m Sarah an English/Canadian artist and designer currently designing from my home studio in Shropshire where I live with my husband, two fun loving kids and not to forget two rag doll cats!

My designs are a result of inspiration I have gained through extensively travelling around the world taking photographs and sketching on the way. I have been lucky enough to live in both Australia and Canada absorbing the different sights, sounds and cultures.  I am excited by the world around us, its beautiful colours and patterns, but at the same time commercially aware of current and future trends.

As a passionate surface pattern designer my designs are bold yet delicate and hold a level of sophistication. My aim is to bring a level of fun and excitement into peoples lives with an element of calmness through my use of strong colour combinations and imagery. 

Designing is something that I truly love. Through designing and creating beautiful patterns I have become to realise that it is the one thing in my life that both excites and calms me at the same time. I have developed a look that is distinctive/unique and original and reflects my own personality. 

I studied art and design at college and went on to university to specialise in textile design. After graduating I worked in New York for a fashion company and then for an agent in the UK where my designs were exhibited and sold internationally.

Once my two children started full time school my passion and love for surface pattern design reignited. Finding my old photographs and sketches from my travels provided me with the inspiration to embark on the journey back into digital imagery. 


My designs are available for purchase, licensing and freelance designing is also extremely welcome. Please Contact me for more information.